Prepaid Cell Phones

Prepaid Cell Phones vs. Contract Plans

Pay as you go plans on prepaid cell phones are fast gaining popularity in the United States freeing many from the one or two year contracts for the non prepaid cell phones. Being preferred over monthly contract plans in Europe and Asia for long now, plans with prepaid cell phones are changing the way the U.S. talks now. Using prepaid cell phones is easy and convenient.

Monthly contract plans bound the customers to an annual or even a two year contract with a high fee, of about $150 or $200 to be able to discontinue midway and cross over to another carrier. The pay as you go plans with prepaid cell phones do not require a contract to be signed at all. This reason alone has converted a number of users since it releases them from the long years of being shackled to a contract. For anyone who is not satisfied with their service, prepaid cell phones are the way to go.

In addition, a contract would mean a credit check. Most of us would not like a credit check run by different service provider every time you change them. Also, in case you have damaged credit or no credit at all, you would not qualify for a cell phone connection. Credit checks also decide whether or not you need to pay any deposits for activation. All these have been eliminated by the prepaid cell phones; no credit check is required for a prepaid plan. No doubt it has gained popularity with college students and those who would like to avoid a credit check. Students and younger adults really benefit from prepaid cell phones.

Perhaps the traveler has been the most benefited by the pay as you go on prepaid cell phones. With the standard monthly contract plans, those who travel for business or vacations frequently have continually paid enormous bills to stay connected. Roaming charges on calls while traveling and charges from other networks you used where your service provider's network is not available can add up to a huge bill for frequent travelers. With the pay as you go plan, prepaid cell phones have been a blessing. Just get a pay as you go SIM and insert it to activate local talking minutes to avoid any and all roaming and network sharing charges entirely.

With the flexibility to purchase only the minutes you propose to use and being able to change carriers, prepaid cell phones are here to stay. Besides being cost effective and no monthly bills, most cell phone service providers also offer the option to roll over balance minutes to the next month on your prepaid cell phones. While on the standard monthly plans you paid for a set number of talking minutes every month, month after month, whether you used them or not; the pay as you go plans on prepaid cell phones provide you with the option to purchase minutes you estimate using and then rolling them over just in case you did not use them entirely!

Since with prepaid cell phones, you actually pay as you go, it renders flexibility in your plans. So one month you could only use 100 talking minutes on your phone while the net month since you will be vacationing you could use 500 talking minutes; the best part is you pay for 100 minutes when you use a hundred minutes and pay for five hundred when you need to talk more. A standard plan does not give you the option to fulfill different talking needs every month and you end up using all the minutes maybe only about once or twice annually. With the pay as you go plans on prepaid cell phones, you have the flexibility to customize your plan in whatever way you need.